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Few Words About Avengers Assemble Server

This is the Support server for 2 Major Bots.
You can have giveaways, events, Code Sharing and Lot of fun by making new friends.
You can also become Staff who can have benefits like free Premium of my Musics_DJ Bot until they leave the server.
One bot is Musics_DJ which got verified by Discord.
Second bot is Avengers it is latest bot and it needs to be verified

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Few Words About Musics_DJ Bot

Hello Friends, This is the bot that has 75+ commands which are only for the music playing.
This bot has three kinds of command categories those are Pro commands, Premium commands, Common commands.
Pro commands have full playlists commands including Premium commands which means the bot will not leave the voice channel until you use the command leave or if you are not there and another member joins and It leaves that voice channel.
There will be Giveaways to get free Pro or Premium commands.
For more information visit the main Website.

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Few Words About Avenger Bot

Hello friends, This bot is having 100+ commands and still under development.
This bot is having Social, Leveling, Economy, and Fun are there in this bot until now in the future I am going to add Giveaways, Moderation, Reaction Roles, and few music commands which will this bot universal for everything.
In this bot also there is a premium role but it will not stop any commands but when we use leveling, Economy, and Social we get points and when using some commands like Fun, Games these points are consumed for using the command.
For more information visit the main Website.

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